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About Tab2Pay

  Tab2Pay is POS Application (POS System) with easily and quickly in manage and create shop through iPad devices.There are basic functions of POS that needed for stores such as selling , product management, Sale summary by day / month / year, Staff management, Barcode scan, Print receipt including more payment channels to accept such as accept credit cards with mPOS (K-powerPay) device.

  Tab2Pay POS Application can use with tablets as follows
    IOS 7.0 or later and can use in iPad / iPad mini
    Android 4.0 or later with up to 7-inch display ( Android platform ’s function are less than iOS)

  *Tab2Pay application can not use with smartphones this App is use for iPad search only. We recommend to using with iOS because have more functions than android also can manage shop through online web by Tab2Pay application

About Tab2Pay online version

  Tab2Pay online version is POS application which can create user also manage product through website (www.tab2pay.com) after sync all data from website to terminal (iPad), your staff will selling product at the terminal (iPad) easily by connect to internet during selling ,then owner can check sale order in real time due to connecting the internet anywhere any times without staying at the store .Quickly and easily to check any branches you want on website . Which this different from the offline version that can not check on website.

All features in online version
  • Create multiple branches , 1 branch can have multiple terminals(iPad)
  • Import multiple product with CSV / Exel file
  • Real time checked report following this:
    – Inventory Report
    – Daily Sales Report
    – Profit report
    – Tax report
    – Categories report
    – Product report
    – Staff report
    – Shift Report
  • Shift management and PIN code for staffs
  • Multiple printer for kitchens
  • Hold bill function for restaurant
  • Stock & inventory management with minimum product alerts on POS (iPad) terminal screen
  • Accept credit card via mPOS
  • Customer Screen application using with tab2pay POS Application

  if there is no internet access ,sales can continue selling and the transaction will be stored on the iPad with red icon alert with number of sales transaction pending .When the internet connected sales transaction will not automatic sync to cloud staff has to sync sales transaction to the website for update lasted transaction.

  one shop account can add multiple branches and one branch can add multiple terminals when to sign up to the website you can create head office and the terminal that you can add other branches by yourself but the new branches will not have terminal if you want to add terminals you must pay service fee just 990 baht per month per one terminal.

  you can use online version just update the application on iPad and register on the website and select the online version of the application with your account and you can try our product 30 days after register.

  terminal is not auto update when product has to change on website but the administrator or who update product must to setting in notification menu to send alerts to terminal then, when sales person get a notification on the screen sales person must have to refresh on the iPad on the first page of the application should refresh after the shop closed, a fewer customer or by a policy of the shop.

How to pay

• if you register on application
  you can download application selected online version and register by Tab2play application like app purchase in other application 30 days after the free trial, the system will automatic debit with your credit card see more click here.

• if you sign in on www.tab2pay.com
  if you have signed up on www.tab2pay.com and you want to use in the application you have a free trial on 30 days after the end of the free trial you just enter your credit card information, the system will automatic debit with your credit card see more click here.

1. Tab2Pay offline version is FREE
2. Tab2Pay online version monthly fee is 990 baht per 1 terminal there is 2 type
Type 1 register on Tab2pay application pay1,400 baht per month for 1 terminal if you want to add other terminals pay 990 baht per month per terminals the system automatically debit every month by Apple ID until you unsubscribe.
Type 2 sign up on www.tab2pay.com pay 990 baht per month in every terminal the system automatically debits the account you sync with Tab2Pay.

Installation and Support

  Installation takes approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour not excluding manage product data CRV file process setup and installation have 3 main sections
1. set up your shop on the website – enter shop information, product data CSV file, Inventory, add other branches include the appointment of administrator and sales person
2. set up the terminal – create the terminal for the sales person and enable the first time by own account or administrator
3. set up printers – set up printers to connect the terminals by Bluetooth for mPOS printer or connect with winless LAN for EPSON

To help with the installation or system solution. Here’s how
1. step guide to start website
2. support via E-mail
3. support by call centre
4. on site service in the Bangkok area and perimeter